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Anonymous said: my Dad has stage 4 lung cancer also.. I know exactly what you're going through. It's hard. I don't want to lose my father either. We found out in June. Let your father know that you love him.. remind him often, even if it's awkward & he doesn't understand or respond. Let him know how much you love him. You'll regret it if you don't trust me. I wish you & your family all the best.. I'll be praying for your dad

november post.

I’m sorry for the very late reply. days after you posted this, we lost him. :( you’re right. i do regret a lot. if only :’( he might not be the perfect person but he is the perfect father for me. o wish i should have stayed longer with him. i miss him so much.. so much it hurts. and i know all of us do. this is the most painful experience i and we’ve had. i’m blinded with tears as i type this..

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